ME supercomputer team among top teams in international competition – again

2017. június 13.

A team of IT students from the University of Miskolc competed in the final round of the Asian Supercomputer Community (ASC) Student Supercomputer Challenge for the fourth year in a row. The team came home from the finals, held in China, with the title of “First Class Team”.

A total of 230 teams from around the globe took part in the world-famous competition this year, with just the top twenty teams proceeding to the final round. As usual, the ME team (from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics) represented the European Union in the finals, this year along with teams from Warsaw and Nürnberg. The event was held at Wuxi (near Shanghai), home of the most powerful supercomputer in the world.

In the finals, held 24-28 April, the students had to construct a mini-supercomputer and develop its software environment, and then to run certain applications on the system. Ont he final day, the teams were required to give a presentation on the results they had obtained.

Members of the 2017 team: Dániel Palkó, László Flaskó, Marcell Grebely, Kristof Bence Gyárfás-Tóth and Tamás Boros, led by assistant professor Dr. Dávid Vincze from the Institute of Information Technology.

“We certainly weren’t working with everyday computers: the cutting-edge Sunway TaihuLight is the most powerful supercomputer in the world right now, with more than ten million processor cores. Being able to gain access to such a computer is an incredible opportunity for a computer expert. The University of Miskolc team members are among the very few people in the world who had the chance to get their hands on and gain experience using a computer like this”, said Dr. Vincze.

Photographs from the event: