Basketball Championship – Looking back

2017. szeptember 12.

This summer Miskolc hosted the 14th European Universities Basketball Championship. Spectators had the privilege of seeing some excellent matches and a Hungarian team on the podium to receive a bronze medal. The city and the university were pleased with the recognition they received for an extremely well-organised event.
The Organising Committee spent months preparing to host Miskolc’s first world-level ballgame competition for adults (aged 17-30). Sixteen men’s teams and 12 women’s teams participated, most of which had won national competitions. Among others, there were German, Spanish, Serbian, Italian, Polish, Estonian and Hungarian teams, for a total of 350 players. The total number of participants, including coaches, referees and other officials, organisers and volunteers, was around 600. During the week 78 matches were played, with 3,102 minutes of court time. The delegations drank 12,000 litres of mineral water during their stay and consumed 1,600 kg of meat, 900 kg of baked goods and 700 kg of fruit. As the weather was warm, 500 kg of ice helped keep things cool. 
You can get a taste of the fantastic event, the beautiful city, the great atmosphere and the high-level organization on VIDEO.