International teamwork project to develop… a cheese cutting machine

2017. szeptember 20.

Students from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (Romania), Esslingen University of Applied Sciences (Germany) and the University of Miskolc participated in the first intensive week of the HEIBus teamwork project in Cluj-Napoca on 11–16 September. 
The eight Miskolc participants (six students and two faculty members) are taking part in the Multidisciplinary Real Life Problem Solving portion of the Higher Education Institutions-Business Collaboration for Skills and Competitiveness (HEIBus) project.  A real-life task with industrial relevance is described by a firm, and students attempt to solve it in international teams. Three mixed teams (each with two students from each university) will be competing against each other to complete the task specified by the Automates company. Two of the universities attended the intensive week in person, while the third kept in virtual contact online. 
The task given by the Automates company was to design a piece of equipment for the food industry, specifically for cutting a large block of cheese into the specified size and shape. The blocks are produced in a cheese factory, and need to be cut into smaller bars before packaging. The equipment must be able to do its task quickly and safely. The intensive week will be followed by team members continuing to work on the task at home. 
A report (in Hungarian) with photos can be found HERE
A group photo of the project participants: