Microsoft Imagine Academy

2017. október 30.

Up-to-date curricula and resources are available to both students and teachers in the areas of computer science, data sciences, IT infrastructure and office applications through Microsoft products and courses and qualifications offered by Microsoft Imagine Academy. 

Microsoft Imagine Academy, which is now available at the university free of charge, includes all course and supplementary materials. After mastering these, it is possible to request a voucher for the user examination. 

The campus administrator for Microsoft Imagine Academy is György Wagner ( Teachers wishing to access it should contact him directly. Teachers with access can then make the materials available to students.

Free access by university students and teachers to the materials of Microsoft Imagine Academy is supported by the government project “Program your future!”, (GINOP-3.1.1-VEKOP-15-2016-00001 for fostering and supporting cooperation between educational instutions and ICT enterprises).

To access the Hungarian-language homepage of Microsoft Imagine Academy, click HERE.