Cuban Ambassador praises ME’s logistics programme in parliament

2017. november 6.

Prof. János Latorcai, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary, welcomed the Cuban Ambassador Julio César Cancio Ferrer in his office. Ambassador Ferrer completes over 50 years of diplomatic service to Cuba on November 10th and will return to Cuba. Prof. Béla Illés, director of the Institute of Logistics at the University of Miskolc and honorary professor of University "Marta Abreu" of Las Villas (Santa Clara, Cuba), was invited to this meeting.

The Cuban Ambassador discussed Cuban-Hungarian relations, particularly in the areas of economy, culture and science, where substantive cooperation could be established between the two nations. Among these areas he also named logistics, and praised the logistics education and research activities taking place at ME. 
He went on to comment that the textbook written by Prof. Illés with Cuban and German co-authors is used for teaching logistics in several Latin American countries, and emphasised that he was certain that the University of Miskolc had the closest connections with Cuban higher education of any university in Hungary. Finally, he promised to keep in touch with and assist this relationship, as well as to bring it to the attention of the new Cuban Ambassador. 
During the meeting Prof. Latorcai reminded the Ambassador of the ten Stipendium Hungaricum scholarships available for Cuban students, and the Ambassador recommended that they be used in programmes at the University of Miskolc. 
Photos from the event: