Dual programme centre in logistics

2017. november 8.

Prof. Béla Illés, director of the Institute of Logistics at ME, discussed establishment of a dual programme centre with István Herdon, president, CEO and founder of XANGA Investment & Development Group on 3 November in Debrecen, headquarters of the company. Mr. Herdon stated that he would be counting primarily on the Institute of Logistics at the University of Miskolc for establishing a dual programme centre.

XANGA operates several facilities, including the Debrecen airport and Debrecen Industrial Park, where a number of large international companies are located. 
During the discussion, in addition to forming a new centre, the topic of the logistics conference to be held on 30 November in Budapest also came up, and both parties assessed how to begin joint logistics research related to Debrecen Airport and Debrecen Industrial Park. Another subject discussed was that XANGA supports the launching of a Fraunhofer system logistics planning centre in Miskolc with the cooperation of the EPIC-UMI-TWINN projects. 
A photo from the meeting: