Miskolc and ME prepare for 4TH industrial revolution

2017. december 22.

Cooperation between the city and the university is naturally not new; the university was founded in Miskolc as the Technical University of Heavy Industry at the city’s invitation, and their interests have been joined since then. This time, however, a contract backs up the cooperation. 
The motto of the contract is ”Civitas pro universitate universitatas pro civitate” – the city for the university, the university for the city. The shared goal: to shape Miskolc as a developing, modern 21st century city open to new trends and technology, that can participate in and gain from the currently evolving 4th industrial revolution. 
The agreement provides a framework for new and multi-layered cooperation: the city and the university will work together to convince industrial branches that are underrepresented in Hungary to set up in Miskolc. The city government and the university consider their shared task to be to create an economic environment that attracts not only production plants but also R&D facilities, and thus they plan to establish a Multifunctional Innovation Centre to act as the place and driving force behind both R&D and activities stimulating economic growth.
The goal expressed in the agreement is to transform the University of Miskolc into a true university for research and development by 2020, making it not only a place where students can acquire the highest level and most competitive knowledge, but also a place that offers them the opportunity to invent or develop new tools and technologies; to keep young talented people in the region and to provide a source of highly-skilled employees for local enterprises.