Our students’ joint success in Chinese Bridge competition

2018. május 10.

On 27th of April the “Chinese Bridge” competition has been organized by the Cultural and Education Department of the Chinese Embassy (Hungary) and the Confucius Institute at the University of Pécs.

This year, altogether 15 competitors from six universities participated in the games. The Confucius Institute, Miskolc University was represented by three students: Brigitta Bauernfeind, Enikő Krajnyák and Vazul Csaba Éles.

This time the event focused on the theme “One World One Family”, including three rounds of contest (speeches, quizzes, and talent shows).

The student from Faculty of Law, Enikő Krajnyák won a special artistic prize after giving a fluent speech, accurate answers, finally displaying a Fanghua Chinese Ballet. Brigitta Bauernfeind (in calligraphy) and Vazul Csaba Éles have been also granted. Special thanks to the Chinese teachers and volunteers for preparation: Xiaomei Hao, Shanshan Jiang, Zhuo Wang, Xu Zhang, Zhichun Wang, Xialing Liu.

The Chinese Bridge performances demonstrated the progress in Chinese teaching at our Institute. The Traditional Chinese Culture seminar by Prof. Jie Liu played an important role for understanding the Chinese culture.

Wang Zheng, Cultural Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy, and Wu Hua, Head of the Education Group attended the event as well. They highlighted that the “Chinese Bridge” competition for students has beening held for 17 consecutive years and provides opportunities for excellent Chinese language learners to compete, network and enjoy China.

We would like to express our honest gratitude to the organizers, judges, competitors, and all those who supported the Chinese Bridge.