Information for students with disabilities


Let us share some practical information about the facilities and services available at the University of Miskolc for students with disabilities.


Policy, downloadable material




Requirements for providing equal opportunities (chart).


Changes affecting the above chart as of 1st January 2017:


Students in higher education who did not obtain an expert report about their special needs during their years in secondary education, in case of dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia, may verify their special condition by the expert report issued by the District III. Branch of the Government Office of the Capital City Budapest.

Cases of physical or sensory disabilities, speech disorder, autism spectrum condition may be verified by the expert report issued by the government office of the respective county town, unless the need for special education has been assessed during secondary education. (See detailed information)


Applying for educational facilities and benefits (Printable form)


Useful Information


1. By means of the Higher Education Law of 2011, the state grant supported status can be extended by four semesters, thus, based on the legislation in effect, the length of the supported period for a given program in case of students with disabilities may be longer than the length of the given program by not more than six semesters and must not exceed the 12+4=16 semesters altogether.

2. We operate a closed mailing list for students with disabilities at the University of Miskolc to share important information (e.g. calls for conferences, grants or job opportunities etc.).

 3. Students with disabilities applying for the Erasmus Programme will be eligible for further support. For further information, please find Edit Szőke (Office 108., 1st floor, Building A/4; Tel. ext.: 22-76; Educational programs abroad are also available for students with disabilities by ExchangeAbility Programme.

4. We organize club meetings for networking and socializing for students with disabilities upon request.

5. Let us call the attention of students with visual impairment to the services of Észak-Magyarországi Látássérült-rehabilitációs Központ (  and  the Perspective Foundation for the Education of the Visually Impaired (

6. The accessibility map helps students getting around in the campus in wheelchair. (coming soon…)


7. At the University of Miskolc we have a recreational room for students with special needs with two computers available (Room 37., upper-ground floor in Building A/1 can be accessed by elevator from the Gallery). The room key is available in Office 20., upper-ground floor, Building A/1, Mon. – Thu.: 8am – 3pm, Fri.: 8am – 12:30pm. All registered students with disabilities are eligible for using the room, the list of users is refreshed every semester. Enquiries about the room and other available facilities are received by Klára Morvainé Ár (Office 20., upper-ground floor, building A/1; Tel. ext.: 10-40; e-mail:

Any further enquiries, questions, suggestions can be addressed to the Disability Coordinator at the University of Miskolc:

Sándor Fekete – University Disability Coordinator

Room 119., 1st floor, Building A/4 (Vice Rector’s office)


Tel.: 06-20-323-5308