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April 24, 2014   

Those roaming the world wide web may also indulge in a journey into time. Travellers often look into the past so that they can see the future more clearly. Let us devote some thoughts to the past first. The University of Miskolc looks back to a history of more than 275 years. The world’s first higher education institution of technology, the Mining Academy of Selmecbánya, represented special knowledge and value. Its heritage and relics pervade the life of our University even today. I am confident that in the university’s development predictability and stability are the most important cornerstones, and the foundations of the ability of perpetual revival have been laid by our traditions and the work of our larger-than-life scholars and predecessors in leadership. »

Prof. Dr. Torma András

8th International Conference of PhD Students, University of Miskolc, 6-10 August, 2012
The University of Miskolc has been organising the International Conference of PhD Students biannually since 1997. At each of these events, about 350-400 young lecturers, researchers and PhD students took part from 15-18 countries.
European Forum Alpbach - 2012
In 2012, the European Forum Alpbach will deal with "Expectations - The Future of the Young". From August 16 until September 1, 4.000 people from over 60 countries will once again come to the Tyrolian mountain village of Alpbach to discuss and explore current issues in the interdisciplinary setting of our conference. Once again, we are calling for applications for scholarships which will enable students and recent graduates to participate in this equally fascinating and venerable event. Please find all relevant information below.
Great scholarship opportunity: GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program
Second-year undergraduate students will be awarded in the GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program at five selected Hungarian universities (BME, Corvinus, Miskolc, Pécs, Veszprém) in the fields of economics, management, engineering and technology.
Roma International Scholar Programme
The Roma Education Fund Scholarships Programme (REF/SP) invites applications for its Roma International Scholar Programme, which is designed to support partially the international studies of Roma students citizens of one of the REF/SP countries (i.e. Albania, Croatia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine) for pursuing Bachelor, Master, PhD or Postdoctoral education outside of their home country or their country of residence.
On behalf of the CEEPUS HU-0028 network partenship we are pleased to announce the CEEPUS Summer University as part of the traditional series of summer university/intensive courses organized between 2004-2010 by the network partners in the area of the European Computer Algebra Driving Licence.
Student conference on International Law
International Law has become a prominent discipline in the global arena. Despite this, there are very few places where one can observe and understand the practical complexities that lie behind the theoretical issues. One of these places is the Middle East, and more specifically, Israel. This summer, for the first time, we are offering a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into some of the most complicated and debated issues of International Law, by participating in a “Student conference on International Law”.


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