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September 15, 2014   
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List of Publications and Title Database of the University of Miskolc 

Publications of the University of Miskolc are made up of series related to the faculties of the university. The series consist of volumes which include booklets. The number of the forthcoming volume follows the number of volumes published in the particular series. 
The volume number starts with number 1 in the case of a newly established faculty. 
Series volumes by editorial board of faculty publications and by scientific branches are as follows: 
Series A 
Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering  
Editorial Board of the Faculty
Chair: Dr. Kovács Ferenc, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, professor 
Publications in Hungarian
Bányászat és geotechnika  (Mining and Geo-technology) 
Geotudományok  (Geosciences)
Kőolaj és földgáz  (Crude Oil and Natural Gas) 
Környezetvédelem  (Environmental Protection)
Eljárástechnika  (Process Technology)
Publications in foreign languages 
Bergbau und Geotechnik
Mining and Geo-technology
Geologie und Geophysik
Erdöl und Erdgas
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Environmental Management
Process Engineering
Series B 

Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering 

Editorial Board of the Faculty
Chair: Dr. Woperáné dr. Serédi Ágnes, associate professor 
Publications in Hungarian
Anyagtudomány  (Materials Science)
Anyagtechnológia   (Materials Technology)
Metallurgia  (Metallurgy)
Hőenergia gazdálkodás  (Thermal Energy Management) 
Kémia  (Chemistry)
Publications in foreign languages 
Materials and Metallurgical Engineering 
Series C 
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics 
Editorial Board of the Faculty
Chair: Dr. Czibere Tibor, Professor Emeritus
Publications in foreign languages
Journal of Computational and Applied Mechanics
Design of Machines and Structures
Journal of Manufacturing Processes
Production Systems and Information Engineering 
Series D 
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics
Editorial Board of the Faculty
Chair: Dr. Rontó Miklós, head of department, professor 
Publications in foreign languages
Miskolc Mathematical Notes
Computational and Applied Physics
Series E
Publicationes universitatis miskolcinensis sectio juridica et politica
Faculty of Law 
Editorial Board of the Faculty
Chair: Dr. Sáry Pál, associate professor 
Publications in foreign languages
Sectio Juridica et Politica
Miskolc Journal of International Law
Series F
Faculty of Economics
Editorial Board of the Faculty
Chair: Dr. Karajz Sándor, associate professor, vice dean
Publications in Hungarian
Gazdaságtudományi Közlemények  (Journal of Economics)
Üzleti tanulmányok  (Business Studies)
Publications in foreign languages
Business Studies
Series G
Faculty of Arts
Editorial Board of the Faculty
Chair: Dr. Horváth Zita, associate professor
Publications in Hungarian
Alkalmazott Nyelvészeti Közlemények  (Journal of Applied Linguistics)
Publications in foreign languages
Publicationes Universitatis Miskolcinensis Sectio Philosophica
Series H 
Inter-faculty series
Editorial Board 
Chair: Dr. Dobróka Mihály, professor, vice-rector 
Publications in foreign languages
European Integration Studies

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