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September 2, 2014   
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AIESEC is the largest student organisation of the world and the third largest non-profit organization following the UN and the Red Cross. It is present in nearly 100 countries and more than 900 higher educational institutions. In Hungary it is present at 11 universities and colleges. 
The chief aim of AIESEC is to contribute to the training of highly-educated, open-minded professionals and future businessmen, who feel committed to international cooperation. The organization provides practical experience for students with a wide range of trainings to develop their skills, opportunities to participate in projects and talks with managers, completing their theoretical knowledge with practical skills which they will make good use of later in their careers. 
In addition, the organisation provides good opportunities for students to form connections with students in other countries and get to know other cultures. There are many national and international AIESEC conferences, exchanges and placements of students serving this purpose. We not only receive foreign students but we also help the third-, fourth- and fifth-year students of our university to find placement abroad for at least eight weeks, but also as long as a year and a half. For this, students only need some command of a foreign language and a little bit of enterprise. 
If it has ever occurred to you that you might spend a certain time abroad and gain some practical experience or simply be a member of a team, you should turn to us.
Orosz Andrea, tel.: 20/322-76-08
E-mail: andrea.orosz@aiesec.net      
Homepage:  www.miskolc.aiesec.hu

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