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August 28, 2014   
Quality Assurance > Policy on Quality


The aim of the management of the University of Miskolc – according to its mission statement – is to become, as a research university, an intellectual centre of the North-Hungarian region that is characterized by quality consciousness, and social responsibility values, and by work and activities incorporating these features.

To achieve these aims, the University of Miskolc:

  • updates and harmonizes its quality policy according to the higher educational sector quality policy;
  • develops quality assurance and directive systems to improve its educational and research activity;
  • improves its quality assurance system in compliance with the expectations of the Higher Education Act and the Hungarian Accreditation Committee, as well as with international expectations and trends;
  • closely harmonizes quality development and the system of requirements in human resource management so that the performance of  teaching, research and advising tasks can lead to its employees becoming significant competence-carriers in the competition among institutions of higher education;
  • effectively and efficiently integrates the strategic elements of quality development and institutional development.

The management of the university encourages its employees:

  • to become acquainted with the policy on quality;
  • to evince pretension of an increased degree both in their private lives and work;
  • to continuously improve their knowledge;
  • to contribute to the predominance of social sensitivity  and public spirit in the society around them. 
  • The management of the University of Miskolc is committed to taking an active part in implementing the quality assurance system and in its further development, and expects this commitment of all of its employees.

Prof. Dr. András Torma

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