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September 16, 2014   
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Mission Statement of the University of Miskolc

The University of Miskolc, as a significant institution of the Hungarian higher education system, contributes to the development of universal science and Hungarian society with its comprehensive, interdisciplinary training and with high-standard research and development work within European higher education, in the spirit of the Magna Charta of the European Universities (Bologna, 1988) and the subsequent Berlin, Bergen and London communiqués.

On the basis of the Hungarian legal framework, the Higher Education Act and the quality assurance of different sectors, the University of Miskolc is performing this mission collectively and co-operatively with its lecturers, employees, students, and national and international partners.

The University of Miskolc accomplishes its mission as follows:

  • as a research university and a key leader in the region, contributing to economic development and knowledge transfer, it advances and initiates the collaboration of the competitive sector, business life, local governments and government agencies to implement successfully regional, national and cross-border education, research and development programmes;
  • as the intellectual centre of training and scientific development of Northern Hungary in the fields of material science, humanities, health care, earth science, jurisprudence, economics, engineering, pedagogy, musicology, social and natural science;
  • by carrying out its higher education tasks in accordance with the Bologna Process;
  • by aiming to improve its multi-level (Bachelor, Master, PhD) programmes through elaboration, further development and implementation;
  • by building on these programmes to meet the demand for lifelong learning with post-graduate and adult education courses, including the use of distance learning;
  • by adjusting to the demands of the labour market and of technical progress.

The management of the university expects from each of its lecturers, employees and students to undertake and perform their work and values taking these into consideration.

Prof. Dr. András Torma


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