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July 25, 2014   
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Downloadable Materials

To perform the Organizational self-assessment the University of Miskolc uses the Evasys questionnaire editor and survey managing programme. To use the software, please read through the descriptions for use.

If any kind of question or problem arises do not hesitate to contact the staff of the Office of Quality Assurance or the persons responsible for quality assurance of the organizational units.

Evasys software availability: http://evasys.uni-miskolc.hu/evasys/indexeva.php

Evasys software manual (in English, pdf format)

Source information
Source: Robert Marciniak (minoseg@uni-miskolc.hu)
Editor: Marciniak Róbert (minoseg@uni-miskolc.hu)
2013-11-22 09:50:42

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