Faculty of Law

Name of Research Centre and Research Workshop: Research Centre of Natural and Human Resources Law

RC/RW availability (host): Dr. Csilla Csák, PhD

University of Miskolc, Faculty of Law,

E-mail: jogkincs@uni-miskolc.hu

Leader of RC/RW: Dr. Csilla Csák, PhD associate professor

Description, objectives and fields of researches of RC/RW: The target areas of the operation of the Research Centre are the followings: as the parts of the law of natural resources:

protection air, water and land, waste management, economic instruments for the environment, energy law, responsibility in the field of environmental law, main aspects of genetic engineering in public law and in private law.
Parts of the human resources law are the followings: those aspects of employment policy, which are deal with social distributive systems, education and labour relations. Although the coherent approach facilitate the research of such areas, as rural development.
One of the main aim of the Research Centre is to survey the sociological, ethical, historical and legal issues of the abovementioned areas throughout the fields of environmental law, a civil law, international private law, European law, commercial law, administrative law, financial law, international public law, constitutional law, agricultural law, labour law social law and criminal law.

The main aim of the Research Centre is not only to survey the relations of the target area, but to create such new basic concepts, which accelerate the integration of legal instruments, or application of new methods.

Keywords: protection of air, water protection, protection of lands, waste management, nature protection; environmental protection, energy law, genetic engineering, employment policy, rural development

International projects & results since 2000: Member of Research Institution of COMITÉ EUROPÉEN DE DROIT RURAL;

TÁMOP 2.5.2;


The Research Centre took part in the organization of the international conference of „Current challenges of the european legislation on agricultural land” at the University of Miskolc, on 11-12 of November, 2010.

We also took part in the organization of „The new Hungarian regulation of the circulation of the agricultural lands according to the Law of the European Union” conference, and gave a lecture on this conference at the National University of Public Service, on 6 of May, 2014. 

Webpage: http://jogikar.uni-miskolc.hu/kk

Name of Research Centre and Research Workshop: Labour Law and Social Law Research Group Miskolc

RC/RW availability (host): dr. Gábor Mélypataki  or Dr. Nóra Jakab PhD

University of Miskolc, Faculty of Law, Institute of Civil Law
Miskolc- Egyetemváros

E-mail: melypataki.gabor@gmail.com

Leader of RC/RW: Dr. Nóra Jakab PhD

associate professor

Description, objectives and fields of researches of RC/RW: The lines of the research of the Group are the labour law and social law. Students and teachers form this Group. The teachers mentoring the students, and helping in the elaboration of the selected topic.

The goals of the Research Group that the students can make and fend their thesis, and their scientific papers and opinions.

Keywords: research, labor law, social law, social insurance, civil service law, worker, employee, benefits 

International projects & results since 2000: The Research Group was founded in years of 2013.

This Research Group have some Students too, who won praise and prize on the Regional Law Student Conference (Helyi TDK 2014) in Section of Labour and Social Law. 

Webpage: https://sites.google.com/site/muszokmi/