Central European Academy

The Central European Academy (CEA), which is committed to supporting comparative law in Central Europe began its work on the 1st of January 2022.
The aims of the Academy are to manage large-scale research and training projects in Central European countries, addressing both legal professionals and young people interested in the field.
In order to achieve its goals, CEA operates the Central European Professors' Network, organizes international scientific conferences and webinars, provides scientific publication opportunities, and creates and manages online professional interfaces. 
As a result of its activities, the Academy is confident that, in addition to improving the quality of domestic legislation, it will be able to create and support a widely acknowledged professional network involving Central European countries.


In order to achieve its goals, the Central European Academy shall carry out the following tasks: 
  • Central European Professors Network 

With the active participation of seven countries (the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia), the Professors' Network carries out comprehensive international academic activity in the field of comparative law, with about 35 main researchers per year, organised in four research groups, on a variety of topics.  

The results and conclusions of the work of the research groups are presented at nearly 60 international professional events (lectures, courses, radio and TV interviews, publications), at eight major international conferences and through the publication of several textbooks. 

To maintain existing contacts, the aim is also to follow up on the areas of previous research groups.

  • Central European Junior Programme 
Our Academy runs the Central European Junior Programme English-language PhD, a training and internship programme in cooperation with the Faculty of Law of the University of Miskolc. The traineeship programme is open to law graduates who are interested in comparative law, motivated and committed to achieving an academic degree. 
  • Central European Academic Publishing
The Academy's priority is to ensure the publication and distribution of high-quality legal journals and books, for which purpose it operates the Central European Academic Publishing (CEA Publishing). It also supports the international recognition of domestic and foreign legal journals and books, in particular those from Central Europe.
  • Organization and operation 
The Central European Academy is an independent management department of the University of Miskolc, with an autonomous budget. 
The Director General, Dr. Heinerné Prof. Dr. Barzó Tímea shall perform the management tasks required for the performance of the tasks of the Central European Academy. 
The departments of the Central European Academy are: 
  • Directorate for Scientific and Research Network Management,
  • Legal Directorate,
  • Economic Directorate. 
Director for Scientific and Research Network Management: Szilvia Horváth 
Legal Director: dr. Ildikó Osváth
Director of Finance: dr. János Szinek LLM 
  • Contact information 
The location of operation of the Central European Academy: 1122 Városmajor utca 12-14
E-mail: cea@cea.uni-miskolc.hu
Phone: +36 30 102 7401
Our current activities and research results can be tracked on the official website of the Central European Academy, and in the meantime, on the LinkedIn profile below: Linkedin