Chaima Sayari

GIVEN NAME: Chaima  


Ambassador of Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
Nationality: Tunisian
Study program: Antal Kerpely Doctoral School of Materials Science and Technology
Year of appointment: 2019
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A few words about his/her opinion about the University / Miskolc / Hungarian culture, etc:  

Hungary is a modern and safe country with majestic beauty that has gained great credibility over the years and has a strong scientific tradition. Hungary, in addition to its high-quality education, has a vibrant and welcoming culture, a fascinating history, and beautiful cities. It is a multicultural country with many exciting opportunities for international students.

- [ ] When did you start your studies here and why did you choose the University of Miskolc? 

I began my studies in September 2019 and chose Miskolc University because I wanted to study with the best. You are at the top of the national university rankings in Hungary, many top-class professors teaching at Miskolc university, and I know that a degree from Miskolc university will mean something in job interviews and will open doors to interesting places once I earn it.

- [ ] What is the most exciting thing about studying in Miskolc? 

The most exciting thing about Miskolc University that it allows students to acquire skills and develop a positive attitude to communicate, interact, and foster acceptance and tolerance with individuals from varied cultures which create a moral and civic community inside the university

- [ ] What kind of career prospects does Miskolc offer to international students?In addition to excellent internship opportunities, the University of Miskolc provides not only theoretical knowledge but also a strong professional experience through very well-equipped lab facilities.

- [ ] Do you have any recommendations for future students?
Keep Your Goal in Mind, take the initiative to begin your education at Miskolc University, stay focused, and ensure you complete your goal.

- [ ] What is your mission as a student ambassador?
As a student ambassador, my mission is to positively represent Miskolc University, to promote the vision, growth, and quality of Life University by optimizing the experience of current students, prospective students, and special guests.