Mehdi Ajripour

Given name: Mehdi

Family name: Ajripour

Ambassador of Faculty of: Economics

Nationality: Iranian

Study program: Master of business administration

Year of appointment: 2022


Facebook profile: Mehdi Ajripour


 -My opinion about the university of Miskolc,Hungarion culture,etc:


If I want to talk about the university of Miskolc,I would say that this is the peerless experience to study in.The campus is pictureseque,the lecturers are fluent enough to get the message across ,and a lot of courses are offered in both Hungarian and English language.Honestly,this is so pleasant to join hungarian cultures,since people are so kind and enthusiastic to help you, in case of any problem.To put in nutshell,I recommend joining this university as soon as possible.


-when did you start your studies here and why did you choose the university of Miskolc?


I started my studying in 2021 as a master student in faculty of Economics.actually,I got stipendium hungaricum scholarship,and my priority in my course was this university, due to the perfect faculty records.


-What is the most exciting thing about studying in Miskolc?


In my way of thinking,Miskolc is prominent for those looking for a real nature and calmness.Although this is a  small city rather than oter cities,everything is available easily,for students in particular.In addition,There are numerous sceane and sceaneries to visit,such as: Tapolca,Lilafured,Avas kilato,and so on.


-What kind of career prospects does Miskolc offer to international students?


What I know from the career prospect is the avalability of different positions,since this is an industrial city.In my idea,those who learn Hungarian language as a second language can find a job easier than others.On the other hand,students can work as a mentor in their faculties.It is highly recommended taking this position to empower your relationship with differnent people from all over the world.


-Do you have any recommendations for future students?


Firstly,I believe that learning Hungarian language is a must,if they want to be successful in terms of studying and working.Secondly,they need to participate different courses in addition to their main course.this is an advantage for those who follow this way.




-What is your mission as a student ambassador?


Ambassadors work to represent and advance the foreign policy goals.They try to make the relationship between their and the host country.they teach their fellow students what they learned. In most of the campus ambassador programs, a student may have to spend 3-4 hours a week for the same. This program will give a real work experience for the students during college in some skills.