Incoming students


If your application is approved by your home university to study at the University of Miskolc, our Erasmus assistant will contact you via email to inform you about the things to do.
After the online registration, you will choose your favourite courses and prepare the Learning Agreement. The completed and signed Learning Agreement is sent to our Erasmus assistant.

As soon as our university accepts your application and study programme, you will be sent a Letter of Acceptance, the completely filled and signed Learning Agreement and a Grant Agreement that should be carefully filled, then sent to our Erasmus assistant.
It is strongly recommended that you get health insurance to cover your study period in Hungary. You are also recommended to purchase medical insurance in your home country (in this case you will be requested to pay for your treatment on the spot and your medical expenses will be refunded by your insurance company).
Scholarship will be transferred to your bank account after processing the completely filled and signed Grant Agreement.


Before leaving home, be sure that these documents are with you: 
- 3 original copies of Learning Agreement
- 2 original copies of Grant Agreement


Accommodation is provided on the campus in Bolyai Hostel E/4 – or it must be arranged individually if you prefer living alone in an apartment.


The students of ESN will provide you every assistance during apartment search or everyday activities. Before arriving in Miskolc, you will be contacted by an assigned mentor student.


Grant Agreement

Learning Agreement

Confirmation of Arrival and Departure