STAR WARS FIGURes also visited the researchers’ NIGHT

2019. szeptember 30.

This year, as in the previous years, the University of Miskolc awaited guests with its awesome programmes, exciting presentations and experiments all those who wished to get an insight into the world of sciences and wanted to gain new knowledge and experiences in an interesting and understandable way.

The Researchers’ Night represented all disciplines taught at the University of Miskolc by skilled practitioners of the technical, natural and social sciences, health and humanities fields.

This year, visitors had the possibility to meet different Star Wars figures, make jelly monsters and watch spectacular chemical and physical experiments. They also could take part in a tapping-show and aluminium casting, get a glimpse into the world of bitcoins and cryptocurrencies or even find out how hard the way is from being a law student to becoming a practicing lawyer, even if someone is called Lajos Kossuth – just to mention some of the exciting programmes. The university presented about a hundred different specialities and curiosities, which usually cannot be seen or tried out, offering games for children and adults.

Those who were not able to visit the event could follow up live on the website of the university or on the channel “Miskolc TV”.

You can watch the video recorded during the event here:



Photos taken during the event:

Photos and videos: University Recruitment Centre.