First university in nation to create a Regional Innovation Platform

2019. november 12.

The declaration of the forming of a Regional Innovation Platform (Területi Innovációs Platform, TIP) was signed by representatives of the University of Miskolc and the National Research, Development and Innovation Office.

The aim of TIP is to build on the knowledge base of universities in order to bring about regional organizations across the nation, which would act as a forum for informing members of government policies regarding innovation and promote cooperation within the local innovation ecosystem, fostering new professional foundations.



The Chancellor of the university, Csaba Deák, said that it was a honour for the University of Miskolc – which has placed great emphasis on innovation – to be chosen as the first university. The Regional Innovation Platform is expected to give fresh impetus to the university’s role as a major actor in the field of local innovation. The university considers its mission to be to diversify its portfolio in order to be able to aid small and medium-sized enterprises in utilizing innovation to a larger extent.

Photos of event:

Photos: University Recruitment Centre