2020. augusztus 29.

  1. Entering the buildings of the University of Miskolc (including academic building, hostels, sport units, labs, etc.) is only possible wearing face-masks, using hand sanitizer, and following a temperature control. Only a limited number of entrances will be in use.
  2. Inside all buildings it is compulsory to wear face masks in public areas (corridors, toilet, canteen, buffet, kitchen, bathroom) even in the case one can keep the 1,5-2 meters distance.
  3. In closed areas eg. lecture and seminar halls or labs, hostel rooms where students can be seated keeping the 1,5-2 meters distance wearing face mask is not compulsory.
  4. It is compulsory to keep the 1.5-2 meters distance at the whole territory of the Campus. In case the distance cannot be kept, wearing face masks is compulsory.
  5. Visiting the offices of the University of Miskolc (dean’s office, IRO, Student Centre, Hostel offices, etc.) it is compulsory to wear face-masks.
  6. Graduation Ceremony, Opening Ceremony and other events: the maximum number of participants during these events in closed areas is 500 persons, provided that the 1,5-2 meters distance is kept. All participants must wear a face maks and can take it off only when taking over the degree. Wearing gloves is compulsory when taking over the degree.
  7. Relatives cannot enter the buildings during the ceremonies, they shall wait outside the Building keeping the mask the distance rules.
  8. All programmes, events that require the direct contact of its participants should be avoided.