Rector’s Order No. 12/2020

2020. november 11.

The aim of this order is to regulate the implementation of emergency decree legislation at the University of Miskolc (hereinafter the University) in accordance with the Rector's orders issued so far.
The personal scope of this order covers all organisational units of the University as well as all university citizens in employment, assignment or student relations with the University.
Rector 's orders previously issued in the present subject shall remain in force on the understanding that this order confirms them emphasizing the rules of the Government Decree.
Educational tasks
    1.  University shall carry on distance education ordered previously, so every educational activity (lectures, practical classes, consultations, examinations) will have to be performed online.
    2.  Educational units are entitled to determine the forms of assessment during the study period and the order of examinations with regard to the provisions in Point 1.
    3.  Curricular sport sessions shall be suspended; no missed classes shall be registered for the period covered by this order.
    4.  It is forbidden to hold sports activities outside the educational period; university sports facilities (especially gyms, indoor tennis courts) are closed. An exception is made for trainings of competitive athletes under the Act on Sports as well as events behind closed doors. Only individual leisure sports activities can be pursued on campus.
Order of Work
1. Work shall be organised in a way that where possible only one employee stays in an office at a time. To this end, work supervisors are eligible to order teleworking or organize the work schedule of employees in such a way that employees can carry out their duties in shifts by combining personal presence and teleworking.
Restrictions on events
    1.  All events shall be banned at the University until further notice.
    2.  In all cases, electronic, digital platforms shall be preferred to face-to-face meetings.
Provisions concerning dormitories
    1.  The dormitories will be closed. Students shall move out of the dormitories by 16:00 on 14 November 2020. Exemption from moving out may be granted in justified cases by electronically submitting a documented request to the rector until 20:00 on 12 November 2020 ( ethnic Hungarians, foreign students, and those performing official home quarantine obligations, as well as those for whom the rector granted exemption are entitled to stay in dormitories. The management of the dormitories shall give detailed information on moving out of the dormitories.
    2.  Students staying in the dormitories shall follow the regulations of the dormitory management and in case of falling ill they shall send an immediate alert and stay in the designated area until action is taken.
Provisions concerning curfew and university services
    1.  The opening hours, the organization of work at the University are in line with the curfew, so between 19:00 in the evening and 06:00 in the morning the University shall be closed. An exception is made for multi-shift and on-call employees. Work shall be organised to ensure that everyone can get home by curfew.
    2.  If, due to his / her work schedule, an employee is unable to get home by curfew, he/she can present a document of employee status to the authorities during a possible inspection. The Department of Human Resource Management and Strategy shall prepare and forward the relevant document to the organisational units.
    3.  The services of the Library shall be available exclusively on online; the reading room is closed.
    4.  Despite the restrictions, the university canteen as a factory canteen is open to university employees ensuring increased compliance with epidemiological rules.
Closing and miscellaneous provisions
    1.  The University keeps paying special attention to prevent the further spread of the epidemic, and to this end we draw your attention to the fact that only healthy persons who do not show any symptoms of the coronavirus may enter the campus.
    2.  Wearing a mask is compulsory everywhere on campus - indoors and outdoors alike!
    3.  In the event of a change in the epidemiological situation, information shall be communicated immediately, so please keep following the university communication platforms.
This order shall enter into force on 11 November 2020 and its provisions shall remain in force until 11 December 2020, on understanding that this order does not affect the provisions of Rector’s Orders No. 2/2020., 6/2020., 8/2020., 9/2020., 10/2020., 11/2020. issued earlier during the second wave of the coronavirus. They shall remain in force even if they contain provisions with the same content.
Miskolc, 11 November 2020
Prof. Dr. Zita Horváth