Mentalhygienic support

From 2020 the mentalhygiene workshop is available to all international students, to support their mental well-being, increase efficiency and help them cope with stress and anxiety.

The workshop is held by psychologist experts of the University of Miskolc and during the events, current topics related to well-being, mind and soul are discussed. Visit the mental health support events, besides being part of a caring community you may also acquire some techniques that can help you overcome the difficulties of life.

Each spring semester, the program consists of 10 events, prior registration is required before each occasion. The number of participants: 20 students maximally / event. Thematic workshops are led by psychologists in 90 minutes. Those students who participate in at least 8 workshops out of 10 shall get a certificate about the successful fulfilment of the program. Of course, international students can check in to a specific topic only and everyone is warmly welcome.