Strategic partnership agreement between the university and HELL Group

16. November 2016. 09:55

A long-term strategic partnership agreement between the University of Miskolc and HELL Group was formed on 18 October 2016. "HELL" is best known for producing energy drinks and a factory is located not far from Miskolc, but the HELL Group has various other interests as well. Representing the university were the Chancellor Dr. Csaba Deák and Vice-rector Dr. Zita Horváth, while Project Director of QUALITY PACK Zrt. Barnabás Csereklye was present to represent the HELL Group. They signed a professional strategic cooperation agreement whose objectives are to broaden the practical training and background of students by organizing various types of professional events and to provide career opportunities for new graduates, especially in the fields of engineering, economics, logistics and IT.


Photos: signing the strategic partnership agreement with HELL Group (photos: Attila Lengyel)