University stand popular at EDUCATIO Expo in Budapest

25. January 2017. 14:40

A miniature version of the imposing main entrance of the University of Miskolc drew visitors to the University stand at the 17th EDUCATIO International Education Expo held in Budapest. A delegation of around 30 represented the leading institute of higher education and knowledge centre of Northeast Hungary. 

Approximately 200 institutions took part in the expo, the largest event of its kind in the nation. Nearly every higher education institute in Hungary was represented, and a number of institutes from outside Hungary participated in the event as well, held 19-21 January at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre. Naturally the University of Miskolc was present, offering programmes in a wide spectrum of fields, from engineering to health care to the humanities, attracting those interested in natural science and social science alike. If someone is planning on studying for a career in engineering, law, business, the arts, teaching, health care, or even music, they can certainly find a programme at the university to meet their needs. In Budapest each faculty set up its own booth so that it could give detailed information about each area of studies to interested visitors, many of whom we hope to see as newly enrolled students in September entering the glass entrance hall on the Miskolc campus  – the real version, and not just the miniature one present at the expo. 

Teachers and students eagerly informed prospective students of the opportunities available to them, and the high number of enquiries provided feedback on the interests and needs of those considering further education. A survey of visitors to the stand revealed that it is not only young people from Northeast Hungary who are attracted to the University – visitors from all over Hungary showed serious interest. Visitors were also able to take part in activities such as chemical experiments.  

Also taking part in the expo was the Formula Racing Miskolc team, displaying their self-built and very successful competition car, which was admired by visitors. The engineering students making up the team were living proof that the engineering programmes of the University stand out from others in Hungary and live up to its prestigious tradition. 

Industrial cooperation with and support for UM were demonstrated by the presence in the same stand section of Nemak, a company producing aluminium components for the auto industry. The company, located in Győr, cooperates closely with the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, and is an important partner in its dual programme (where students both study and work in industry). Dual programmes have connections with cooperating partners around the nation, raising the potential to attract students from all over Hungary. Csaba-Metal Ltd., also a potential dual partner, also was present at the event.