Dual Professional Day at the University of Miskolc

09. October 2018. 11:35

The first Dual Professional Day was held on campus on 8 October in the framework of the project called “DUAL DRIVE UNIVERSITY – The development of the dual and cooperative higher education professional and specialized vocational course of the University of Miskolc”. The project started a year ago to widen and deepen this type of course even more, furthermore to strengthen the connection with economic operators.

Following the opening statement of Professor András Torma, rector of the University of Miskolc, Péter Pfiegler, deputy mayor of the City of Miskolc, welcomed the participants. In his speech he emphasized that dual education holds great significance for Miskolc and the region. In this system students can acquire the most advanced knowledge in real-life situations while being carefully guided. One of the top priorities of the Modern Cities Programme established by the government and Miskolc is present the vocational and development conception of the region and establish an institutional model that will guarantee the involvement of the dominant industrial enterprises of the region in the dual education – in both secondary and higher education

Dr. Zita Horváth, deputy state secretary for higher education, pointed out that the legal conditions have created the possibility for students in dual learning to spend nearly half of their training time in a company and the other half in the university. With this, students earn approximately HUF 80,000 (EUR 240) monthly.

Dual training system has been going on since 2015 at the University of Miskolc, currently in five faculties: more than 210 students are taking part in dual training in the Faculties of Earth Science and Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Informatics, Economics, and Arts, said Dr. László Czap. The vice-rector responsible for institutional development and business relations said that in the past four years 188 companies have signed contracts for dual training, and students are currently doing their practice at 63 different co-operating companies.

During the rest of the professional day, the university’s dual professional partners expressed their views – in a plenary session and roundtable form – on this type of training and shared their experiences and potential directions for opportunities for further cooperation.

Photos of the event:

Photos: University Recruitment Centre