Researchers’ Night - This year for the 13th time

01. October 2018. 11:35

Curiosity won again on 28 September. This year, as usual, huge crowds thronged university sites for Researchers’ Night.  On this night university labs were reopened, researchers put aside their instruments and books to attract people who are interested in spectacular and exciting experiments and exhibitions.

They came in large numbers! The little ones were accompanied by their parents, the older ones visited the campus with their classmates and friends to see as many as possible of the 140 different events organised at more than 100 sites.

Beside the most popular exhibitions of the previous years, visitors had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the robotic innovations used in raw material exploration, examine objects lying in their pockets with a stereomicroscope, get a look inside the world of electronics with the help of LED, get glimpses into the dark slopes of Facebook and learn their own limitations. They could learn whether there are two potatoes that are identical, examine the secrets of the human body, take mock language exams and test their problem-solving skills in several escape rooms.
Photos taken during Researchers’ Night:

Photos: University Recruitment Centre