V4 waste recycling 21 International Conference the University of Miskolc

22. November 2018. 12:10

Once again the university hosted the "Waste Recovery 21" Conference of the four countries called the Visegrad 4 (V4 for short). The conference was held on 22 and 23 November 2018 and is held alternately in locations in the V4 countries: - Krakow, Košice, Ostrava and Miskolc. Because researchers, scientists and experts from other countries have also been invited to this international forum, there were representatives from 19 countries taking part this year.

The aim of the conference’s participants is to discuss the problems of various types of waste (metallurgical, power plant, mechanical, chemical, and electrical and electronic) and last but not least municipal and organic wastes.

The main organiser of the 21st conference in te series was the Institute of Raw Material Preparation and Environmental Processing, University of Miskolc. The Chair of the Organising Committee is Prof. Ljudmilla Bokányi, (associate professor and head of department). The conference is also connected to the EFOP RING project, whose professional leader is Dr. József Faitli (associate professor, head of department).

At the conference there were three plenary sessions and 37 presentations were held in the eight sections. The plenary lectures were held by internationally renowned scientists: Dr. Jürgen Antrekowitsch (Austria), Prof. Cecilia Hodúr D.Sc. (University of Szeged) and Dr. Sanjay Kumar (India).

The program of the conference is available HERE.

Photos from the opening session: