22. March 2021. 18:05

The Board of Trustees earlier invited UM students to submit their ideas on formulating the renewal, strategy and vision of the University of Miskolc over the next 5-10 years, covering the main directions in teaching, research, internationalization, the university’s third mission, relations with society and industry, and topics related to campus life (university services, accommodation, sport, communication). Several of these ideas will be included in the development plan of UM. The entries, some which were submitted in teams, were evaluated by a five-person jury.

GOLD AWARD: Xiomara Rodríguez Páez & Rafael Valadez Vergara

SILVER AWARD: Nitin Kumar Tyagi, Kriti Garg & Vishant Pratap Singh

BRONZE AWARD: Kincső Lilla Nagy; József Menyhért; Gergely Kiss

SPECIAL AWARD: László Kaposvári; Balázs Sándor Dombi