16. March 2021.

On 15 March the President of Hungary presented awards of distinction to eight current or former teachers and researchers of the University of Miskolc:

CIVIL DIVISION OF THE MIDDLE CROSS OF THE HUNGARIAN ORDER OF MERIT – Dr. Béla Attila Panyi, prosecutor and honorary associate professor (Faculty of Law)

CIVIL DIVISION OF THE OFFICER’S CROSS OF THE HUNGARIAN ORDER OF MERIT – Prof. Károly Balaton (Faculty of Economics); Prof. János Kundrák (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics); Prof. Gabriella Bognar Vadaszne (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics)

CIVIL DIVISION OF THE KNIGHTS’S CROSS OF THE HUNGARIAN ORDER OF MERIT – Dr. Jenő Csete (Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering); Prof. Ilona Görgényi (Faculty of Law)

KOSSUTH PRIZE – Gyula Balázs Gulyás, film director, who taught at UM’s Faculty of Arts (1993-2006)

‘FOR THE HUNGARIAN ECONOMY’ PRIZE (Ministry of Finance) – Prof. Levente Kovács (Faculty of Economics)