26. May 2021.

Dr Zita Horváth, rector of UM, recently shared information with the teachers and staff about developments over the past few months and the challenges awaiting the university.  The model change (1 August 2020) has led to changes in how the university operates, now guided by the Universitas Miskolciensis Foundation.

Measures are being put into place to encourage swifter decision making and deans are taking on new functions. New study programmes are being launched. A new Institutional Development Plan has been created. Greater stress is being put on formalising cooperation with a variety of regional organisations to consolidate UM’s position as a regional centre for knowledge. The Uni-Hotel is now in university ownership, construction on the library and new archives building is due to start soon, and planning for the Science and Innovation Park is underway. UM continues to win grants to support its development. One aim is to climb higher in international university rankings. Another is to contribute to the region through its ‘third mission’ of social responsibility.

The rector also thanked the university members for doing so much to ensure that teaching and research could continue without interruption during the pandemic.