Information on the procedure to be followed during system breakdown

16. June 2021. 08:35

The announced exam dates remain unchanged.

If you have already applied for the exam through the Neptun system, please confirm your application in all cases by e-mail to the lecturers or department administrators by filling in and sending the attached application form no later than 12:00 (noon) on the day before the exam. An exception to this is the 16th June exam day. Those who have registered for the 16th June exam should send a confirmation application form by email to the instructors no later than the start of the exam.

The above procedure must be followed even if you have not yet applied through the Neptun system or if there is a change in your exam application (you are cancelling or applying for a new exam). In these cases, too, please notify the lecturers or department administrators by e-mail using the attached application form.

During the system failure, exams will be administered on a “paper basis”. Grades and other entries will be registered  in the Neptun after the system is restored.

Examination fees related to re-examinations as well as examinations requiring an equity application shall be settled posteriorly, in which case grades can be registered only after the financial settlement of the examination fee.

Successful exams can only be registered during this period if no exclusionary or special conditions do not apply (e.g. exceeding the limits for failed exams).

Technical information regarding exams (e.g. link to the oral exam) as well as exam dates are available on the website of the departments or in the replies to your exam confirmation emails.

A  Neptun message  will be sent to you as soon as the system is restored  following which the examination will take place in the normal track.


Thank you for your patience and understanding!


Miskolc, 6/15/2021


Prof. Dr. Zita Horváth