14. June 2021.

UM students participated in the 8th National Logistics Team Competition organised by the Club of Logistics Directors.

The competition consisted of four rounds: two rounds of online tests, a third round with a case study, and a presentation in English in the fourth round, as well as tasks requiring logic, skills, calculations, theoretical knowledge, and collaborative thinking on the part of the competitors to solve five tasks, mainly focused on practical applications.

In one task half of the team had to design instructions for assembling two Lego figures, while the other have had to assemble them following the instructions. Another task involved guiding a forklift (using virtual reality glasses and simulation) along an obstacle path in the fastest time.

Of the two teams, one (ME-dzsik) won second place and also a special award sponsored by Magyar Küzút Krt. for their performance on the case study. The second team (ME-LOG) came in 9th place. This was the first time any team from UM had participated. When forming the teams, they tried to assemble students with different backgrounds, and both BSc and MSc students took part, explained Ibolya Hardai, who worked to prepare the ME-dzsik team. 

Photos of the event can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jbvgciarn47cmn2/AABoi7AMibYuhgONlfqWedyoa?dl=0