25. June 2021.

This event gave examples of how UM’s innovation ecosystem is being developed and the progress made with various projects in the first year of the university’s new status.

The role of the Directorate for Knowledge Asset Management is being expanded to include additional functions: groups involved with assessment of the university, project applications and management, and continuing education. These changes aim to assist the university in operating more effectively, strengthening its role in the North Hungary region, and working with industry to ensure long-term results. 

The event was opened by the chair of the board of trustees, Dr. Judit Varga, and the rector, Prof. Zita Horváth.

Lóránd Hornyák, Director of the Directorate for Knowledge Asset Management and project leader for the Science and Innovation Park, reported on the progress of the 38 billion forint high-tech project, focusing on materials sciences, environmental sciences, energy and logistics.

The University Innovation Ecosystem Project was introduced by its leader, Zsolt István. In the year and a half since it began, it has set up a one-stop shop for industrial clients and has surveyed the infrastructure and service portfolios of the university. The Competencies Portfolio is under development. 

Two services available nowhere else in Hungary were introduced: a 3D laboratory for materials testing and an electromagnetic compatibility laboratory at the Research Institute of Electronics and Information Technology.

Also introduced were some of the start-up ideas from UM students and staff, including a smart waste bin, a method for extracting indium from discarded LCD panels, an app for raising environmental awareness, and a way of using plastic waste as a base material for 3D printing. 

Photo credit: Directorate for Communication and Recruitment