1. July 2021.

A grant-supported project has produced research of international interest in the brazing of various nanomaterials with different melting points at a temperature lower than conventional procedures. The research group has been dealing with the thermodynamic investigation of nanomaterials, developing multi-layers of just a few nanometres in thickness, brazing of nanocomposites and nanostructured steels, and structural investigation of the materials created.

They have established a descriptive algorithm and databank for the thermodynamic behaviour of nanostructured materials.  A method has been developed for producing brazing material with a low melting point made of nano-multilayers, providing new opportunities in the binding of amorphous or nano-crystalline, high hardness nanostructured steels.

Some of the equipment purchased through the project :

 “Sustainable operation of the workshop of excellence for the research and development of crystalline and amorphous nanostructured materials” is shown here, with a screenshot from the final project-related meeting.