Congratulations to the newly awarded International Student Ambassadors!

09. September 2021. 10:55

During the Opening Ceremony of the 2021/2022 academic year five international students were awarded the title of the International Student Ambassador (ISA).

We believe the International Student Ambassadors will show zeal and devotion towards the title and also will be an exemplar of diversity:

  • Mr. Fadoul Mohammed Ibrahim Jamal Eldin (Sudan) – Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mr. Raed Ghanem (Syria) – Faculty of Law
  • Mr. Baibhaw Kumar (India) – Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics
  • Mr. Rafael Valadez Vergara (Mexico) – Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering
  • Mr. Mohammad Kamel Talal Kashour (Jordan) – Faculty of Economics
  • Ms. Tayssir Sammari (Tunisia) – Faculty of Arts


Congratulations and we wish you success ahead.


Raed Ghanem (Syria)



Baibhaw Kumar (India)



Rafael Valadez Vergara (Mexico)



Fadoul Mohammed Ibrahim Jamal Eldin (Sudan)