15. November 2021. 08:00

“Start-Me-Up” is a competition for building on clever ideas to come up with a market-ready innovation, sponsored by the University of Miskolc and MVM Smart Future Lab Zrt.


The first step will take place on 18 November, from 4:30-5:30 pm, in an online introduction of ideas and matching up of team members. (This, like the other events, will take place in Hungarian.)

Applications of teams with 3-5 members are due by midnight on 21 November. On 25-26 November the second step begin – a two-day online session where teams work out their ideas with outside help provided by the organisers, if needed. On the afternoon of the second day the groups will present their concepts and get feedback on them.

The main themes:

  • How to support and motivate people from Generation Y and Z to get involved in sustainability on a daily basis
  • How to encourage young people to become adults who want to and feel a duty to contribute to their environment

UM is looking for solutions in the areas of:

  • Developing applications for optimisation (such as time planning, task planning, energy consumption planning)
  • Developing public transport, possibly focussing on Miskolc
  • Digital guidance and information on campus
  • New solutions for the storage of CO2
  • Developing home appliances powered by solar panels
  • Methods for a low-water-use lifestyle in households
  • Security solutions in artificial intelligence (identification of people and products, electronic finance, digital customer experiences, document management, secure logistics)

Ideas that don’t fit directly into these categories are also welcome!