22. November 2021. 15:20
BMH Nonprofit Kft. (a county-level waste management firm) and the University of Miskolc have signed an agreement to work together in various ways: 
-offering placements to students within the dual training programme; - educating students about and involving them in environmental protection;
- field trips to waste management facilities;
- R&D projects focusing on extracting useful materials from waste products.
Zsuzsanna Csehovitsné Nagy, the managing director of BMH, said that the expertise, laboratory capacity, and innovations in waste treatment that the university provides will be very important in the effort to meet the strict EU goals for more effective utilisation of waste by 2030.  
Prof. Gábor Mucsi, Dean of the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering, spoke about the importance of secondary materials and the needs for more people with knowledge in this area. He pointed out that UM is the only university in Hungary that offers a waste management specialisation within its programme in Environmental Engineering. 
Rector Zita Horváth added that joining forces with local industrial stakeholders helps the university to get in touch with the needs of regional employers and to adjust curricula and syllabi to better meet these needs.