Mathias Corvinus Collegium cordially invites you to a lecture Clans vs States - The Scandinavian Experience

07. December 2021. 10:50
Perhaps the most distressing element of this story is the emergence of clan-based delinquency, which collects the losers of integration and the “European dream”. The internal cohesion, the modus vivendi and the unfamiliar nature of clan structures for indigenous communities and police forces make it extremely hard to fight against these networks. In our roundtable we will examine the nature of these groups, their presence from in Northern Europe, and the possible ways how to address this issue.
09 December 2021, 4 p. m.
3530 Miskolc, Szemere Bertalan. u. 4.
(you may enter from Csizmadia köz 1-3.)
Johan Lundberg, Professor of the University of Stockholm, author and literary scholar. He is currently dealing with the structure of clan and state-based history. In his recent findings he pointed out the differences between clan and state-based societies, as well as those ideological factors which blocked the emergence of academic and social discourse on these issues in Sweden.
The language of the event will be English.
Please note that the event is open to the press, the members of the press and the organizers are allowed to make audio and video recordings at the event.
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