1 min UM: Sustainability - Just relax! - You are welcome!

24. May 2023. 14:50

Sustainability. For the first time, a major business conference on sustainability was organised by the Universitas Miskolcinensis Foundation and the University of Miskolc. At the Miskolc Campus Forum Green and Smart, sustainability was discussed by business leaders and decisionmakers. The Miskolc Campus Forum Green and Smart Environmental, Economic and Social Sustainability Awards were presented. University and secondary school students were invited to the 'Be a Sustainability Ambassador' application of which the awards were presented.

Just relax! There was a relaxing day last week. The staff of the University of Miskolc played football and football table, did darts and jumped in the bouncy castle. Next to doing sports there was also time for cooking on Friday afternoon.

You are welcome! Secondary school students come to the University of Miskolc to learn about the courses at the University of Miskolc. Recently, we hosted students from Miskolc and Sarospatak.