1 min UM: Love chemistry! – Physiotherapy and communication – Sweet home

30. May 2023. 09:45

Love chemistry! The University of Miskolc organised the fifth Chemical Career Orientation Day for students to promote the chemical career and to introduce university courses related to the region’s leading industry. The spectacular demonstrations attracted nearly 500 young people to the campus.

Physiotherapy and communication. Training material in cooperation with the Faculty of Health of the University of Miskolc is being developed for students, lecturers and professionals. A workshop was held to discuss the details with the European partner institutions this week. The topic is the importance and the aspects of communication in physiotherapy.

Sweet home. Five white wagtails arrived to the park of the University of Miskolc. The birds were taken from the Malyi Bird Rescue Station, where they had been travelling chirping in a tube weeks ago from Budapest. White wagtails love grove parks like the campus green.