15. May 2023. 13:15

The HUF 5 billion budget provided by the government as an advance for Horizon research is now available for all universities concerned, Balázs Hankó, State Secretary for Innovation and Higher Education, said in Budapest after a meeting with researchers involved in Horizon programmes.


"At the end of last year, the Hungarian higher education and research system was accused of discriminatory decisions by Brussels, which is untrue," the state secretary recalled, adding that negotiations with the European Commission are currently ongoing.


Hankó stressed that the Hungarian government stands up for Hungarian researchers and Hungarian students, which is why the HUF 5 billion funding has become available to Hungarian researchers for all other direct EU research funding in addition to the Horizon programmes. The government's support will enable 12 applications from 9 Hungarian universities to participate as associate members in Horizon Europe research collaborations and to carry out international research that will benefit society and the economy. The government's immediate help is needed because without it, the universities concerned would not be able to stay in the projects, as several deadlines for commitments expire in May, he added.


As well as securing funds quickly, he added, it was also agreed that the universities would receive a statement of support that they would be able to present to European partners and universities involved in the consortia.


Researchers from the Óbuda University, the University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest, the University of Debrecen and Semmelweis University took part in the meeting.