15. May 2023. 16:30

The safe and sustainable production of hydrocarbons and the use of hydrogen and natural gas for energy purposes were both discussed at a professional-scientific conference organised by the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Engineering of the University of Miskolc at the headquarters of the Miskolc Academic Committee on 20 April.


Before the professional programme, which consisted of presentations by representatives of the MOL Group, MVM Mátra Energia Zrt., FGSZ Erdgázszállító Zrt. and Magyar Erdgázároló Zrt., Hungary's leading energy industry players, Prof. István Lakatos (full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) was honoured on the occasion of his 80th birthday. His scientific life's work has had an impact on the development of the present-day image of the Hungarian hydrocarbon industry.


His work is a milestone in the foundation of the "Miskolc School", the educational activity of UM’s Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Engineering, which promotes the cooperation of several disciplines in the field of hydrocarbons, stated Dr. Gábor Mucsi, Dean. Dr. Péter Szűcs, Vice-Rector for ScienceMiskolc, pointed out that it is of great importance for the University of Miskolc to have the support of a prestigious researcher and public figure who is still active today in the education of future generations.


Illuminating the present and future of the hydrocarbon industry from the perspectives of both sustainability and energy security, the professional lectures related to energy essentially traced the professional career of Prof. István Lakatos, which ranged from basic research to routine adaptation. This was referred to by Dr. József Goldfáhrt, Head of Oil Chemicals and Technologies of the MOL Group, when he spoke about the physico-chemical processes that have made hydrocarbon extraction more efficient at the domestic and international level. In his presentation, he also spoke about the principles of sustainability in the context of the national energy strategy, and how the oil company can contribute to this in its activities.


In the future, "blue" and "green" hydrogen is expected to play a significant role in the energy renewal of the hydrocarbon industry, and the University of Miskolc is involved in research on the use and transport of this hydrogen for energy purposes. The related transformation of the natural gas transport infrastructure was discussed by the representative of FGSZ Erdgázszállító Zrt., while the development of domestic gas storage in line with changing market and geopolitical influences was presented by an expert from Magyar Erdgáztároló Zrt. There were also technical presentations on sustainable energy stability and on the state-of-the-art physico-chemical basis of the Algyő oil field project.