1 min UM: Cheers – One hundred years of – mechanics – Film, university

07. September 2023. 11:40

Cheers.  An overview of the Hungarian population health was the focus of a nationwide conference co-organised by the Faculty of Health of the University of Miskolc. Over three days, experts reviewed current public health issues in six sessions.

One hundred years of - mechanics. The Hungarian Mechanical Conference, one of the most patronised professional programmes in the country, was held for the fourteenth time. The event was hosted by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics of the University of Miskolc. The international roots of professional scientific conferences related to mechanical engineering date back to 1922.

Film, university. Not only the film festival opened on 1 September, but also the CineVersity programmes, a joint initiative of the University of Miskolc and the CineFest Miskolc International Film Festival. At the opening ceremony, Csaba Káel, Government Commissioner for Film said: the University of Miskolc's involvement in the film festival is exemplary.