09. September 2023. 10:05

Representatives of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates and the Embassy of Finland visited the campus in the first days of September to learn about the international education and research offerings of the University of Miskolc at ambassadorial level.

The delegation of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates - Ambassador Al-Samsi Saud, Dr. Kristóf Láng, Economic Officer of the Embassy and Attila Juhász, Press Officer of the Embassy - visited the University of Miskolc on 4 September, where Prof. Dr. Zita Horváth, Rector, welcomed the guests. The main purpose of the visit was to get to know the university and to focus on its international education and research offerings.

The Ambassador of the Arab country, Al-Samsi Saud, stressed at the meeting that it is important for him that the largest university in the North-Hungarian region is also known in the Emirates and that he will support the university's efforts to build up contacts. At the same time, he offered his residence, the Neumann János Villa in Buda, to the University of Miskolc to host an academic student event.


Dating gift from Al-Samsi Saud, Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates in Budapest

A delegation from the Embassy of Finland arrived in Miskolc on 7 September to celebrate 60 years of twinning between Miskolc and Tampere, and also visited the University of Miskolc. The delegation, led by Finnish Ambassador Pertti Anttinen, was received by Prof. Dr. Péter Szűcs, Vice-Rector for General and Scientific Affairs, and discussed the planning of Finnish and Hungarian cooperation opportunities. The guests then visited the 3D laboratory of the University and the Centre for Advanced Materials and Intelligent Technologies for Higher Education and Industrial Cooperation.


Finnish Ambassador Pertti Anttinen also visited the university's research infrastructure