New schedule for the University from 14 October


From the 14th of October schedule improvements were implemented on routes connected to the University.

“Climate Change: distinguishing critical from sceptical perspectives” by Calum T. M. Nicholson


Famously, the debate on climate change is divided between so-called 'believers' and 'sceptics'. In this lecture Dr Calum T.M. Nicholson will explore the fallacies of both these positions, and propose a third position which might prove more productive: a critical but not sceptical view of climate change.

The very first events of the semester were held lately: Orientation & Freshmen’s Days!


Firstly, in the framework of the Orientation Day, the international students of the University of Miskolc got all the necessary information about the beginning of the academic year, their faculties and the related organizations and offices of the university through informative lectures.

Free sports activities


In the second semester of 2023/2024, we offer free sports activities for all university citizens! The Sports Afternoons are FREE and open forall university citizens. From Monday to Thursday, according to the timetable, we offer a variety of sports training sessions. The sports afternoons are held in the Sport Hall Gallery , E/4 and the running corridor of the Athletics track. The Sports Afternoons are not only available for students all Instructors and Coworkers are welcomed!

1 min UM: Open days on the campus – Holiday Concert – Charity run


Exciting programs, spectacular presentations and special learning opportunities awaited the visitors of the University of Miskolc on its Open Days. | The Bartók Béla Bartók Music Faculty of the University of Miskolc gave an Advent concert at the Zenepalota. | Santa Claus himself ran the 2,000 m race at the University of Miskolc.

1 min UM: Building a career at Bosch – Donation campaign – Maps from the past


The Robert Bosch Power Tool Ltd. and the University of Miskolc continue to strengthen their training cooperation. | The University of Miskolc will be collecting for the Lorántffy Zsuzsanna Reformed Mothers' Home until 17 December. | An exhibition of maps from the collection of the 150-year-old Hungarian Geographical Society opened at the University of Miskolc.

Responsibility for Hungarian higher education beyond the borders


The University of Miskolc and the Partium Christian University of Oradea have extended their cooperation agreement. The partnership agreement signed with the Faculty of Health of the University of Miskolc on 14 November 2023 aims to further deepen the educational, scientific and professional relations between the institutions, and to promote the mobility of teachers, researchers and students.

"Windows and bridges to the world" - 10 years of the Confucius Institute of the University of Miskolc


The Confucius Institute celebrated a decade of its existence in the Music Palace.

1 min University of Miskolc – Centenary - Together for science - Atom said goodbye


The Institute of Raw Material Preparation and Environmental Technology at the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Engineering of the University of Miskolc organised a series of centenary lectures. - The Eszterházy Károly Catholic University and the University of Miskolc have signed a cooperation agreement to promote science -Atom said goodbye.

1 min University of Miskolc 2023.10.31.


Career on the fast track, green and scientific, spooky lanterns. Last week's news.

1 min UM: Higher grade – Sustaining scholarships – Pink walk


MOL and the University of Miskolc signed a strategic cooperation agreement for a three-year period to further strengthen their decades-long relationship in the field of education and applied research. | The Universitas Miskolcinensis Foundation Scholarships were awarded at a ceremony. | More people than ever before walked the University of Miskolc's Pink Walk during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise awareness about breast cancer prevention, screening and health awareness.

1min UM: The community is good – Statistics Plus – Three almost hundred


International students can get to know the International Students' Union and the programmes of the year at the Welcome Day, traditionally organised at the university. | The Faculty of Economics of the University of Miskolc has organised a scientific conference on Statistics +. | A record number of employees and students of the University of Miskolc donated blood at the donation organised by the Hungarian Red Cross.

Welcome Day - a day to get to know each other


More than 400 international students were invited to a colourful programme at the University of Miskolc, where faculty ambassadors were also represented.

Our colleague received the Grand Prize for Economics


Our colleague, Edit Gabriella Lukács, who was also awarded the Outstanding Economist Prize 15 years ago, recently received the Grand Prize of the Hungarian Economic Association.

1 min UM: Jubilee visit - Sit, sit, at the table - World Music Day


A delegation from the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in Budapest visited the University of Miskolc. | Traditionally, every year foreign students who come to the University of Miskolc present their national dishes. | The Bela Bartok Faculty of Music joined the worldwide initiative of the World Music Day.



State-of-the-art arc welding laboratory inaugurated at the University of Miskolc. The research laboratory, worth around 100 million forints and equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, robotic tools and simulation techniques, demonstrates a new model of university collaboration in industrial development.

What does your ideal workplace look like? Tell us and win!


This year, University of Miskolc is joining the independent research of PwC Hungary, where we are seeking answers to What your perfect workplace looks like. Whether you are a university student, a recent graduate, or an experienced employee, we would like to better understand what criteria are important to you when choosing a workplace.