1 min University of Miskolc 2023.10.31.

31. October 2023. 08:15

Career on the fast track, green and scientific, Spooky lanterns. Last week's news.

Career on the fast track. The University of Miskolc and Carl Zeiss Digital Innovation Hungary have signed a strategic framework agreement. The electronics company has set up a scholarship for IT students, which will support both the academic work and the long-term professional careers of future employees.

Green and scientific. Sustainability and environmental protection were the topics of a science adventure for primary school pupils organised by the Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences and Engineering and the Faculty of Materials and Chemical Engineering. At each station, teams were helped by teachers and researchers to learn as many interesting facts and scientific experiments as possible.

Spooky lanterns. Jack’o Lantern carving competition was hosted in the University of Miskolc. International and Hungarian students alike created scary and fun lanterns for Halloween. In the voting, this pumpkin lantern with a strange smile, number 16, received the most votes.