Stronger connections between Takata and the University of Miskolc

28. April 2015. 11:10



On 28 April, 2015, TAKATA and the University of Miskolc entered into a new cooperation agreement. On behalf of the company, the agreement was signed by Kersten Bachmann, CEO of TAKATA Safety Systems Hungary and Emese Mizsei HR director, and on behalf of the university by Rector Dr András Torma and Chancellor Dr Csaba Deák. The agreement was also signed by Péter Pfliegler, vice mayor of Miskolc.

The objective of the agreement is to establish closer cooperation between the company and the university on the basis of mutual advantages in the way that in addition to the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics, the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering, the Faculty of Earth Science and Engineering and the Faculty of Economics should also be involved in the joint activities to a greater extent.

As needed, the University of Miskolc can support the Japanese company with its scientific potential and may implement joint projects and tenders with it in the future. Another objective is to extend cooperation to the launching of dual programmes as the introduction of this new way of training offers advantages for the business partner, the university and its students alike.

The activity plan for the very first year provides for very varied forms of cooperation. TAKATA’s staff members will share their experience with students of the university in a series of lectures delivered in English. In addition, as a professional traineeship place, the company will receive altogether 25 students from the four abovementioned faculties. TAKATA will also recommend thesis topics and support the students’ working on them, for example by providing competent consultants for them at the company. The activity plan also includes joint events: the University of Miskolc undertakes to host presentations popularising the Japanese company while TAKATA will participate in the university’s enrolment campaign  and informs students about jobs offered by it on the Careers Board (Karrierfal). (With the state-of-the-art, high-tech exhibition and chatting corner opened in the hall of the university’s main building, the company has already been present in students’ everyday life for some time.) In the research, development and innovation projects, which are of strategic importance for the University of Miskolc, the university may support TAKATA’s process, product and organisational development with its intellectual and infrastructural assets, as well.

Cooperation with TAKATA may serve as a model for business partnerships as it may extend to both the content of academic activities and research, development and innovation activities at the university. This cooperation may benefit company, university and students alike.

Photos taken at the event:

The photos were taken by Attila Lengyel.